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Hula Snowgirl Print

Hula Snowgirl Print

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Fun for winter and summer alike, dance along with A Hui Hou* snowgirl, our joyful Hawaiian friend who, to prevent herself from melting, decided to dawn something more appropriate for the islands. 

*A hui hou means "Until we meet again" in Hawaiian.

Gallery quality giclee print from watercolor and gouache original.


Giclée Print: the highest quality fine art reproduction available today.
Paper: 180 gsm Matte Bright White Inkjet; smooth, robust, water resistant print with no need for lamination, crisp lines, dense blacks and vivid colors.
Backing Board: 4-ply, pH neutral, 100% recycled fiber.
Sleeve: 100% commercially compostable plant-based PLA.


9" x 9"

Care information

1. Giclée prints should be cared for in the same way as an original piece of art
2. Dirt, dust, moisture, oils, adhesives, solvents, heat, and anything that could scratch, dent or crease the paper should all be avoided when you are handling your print
3. Only handle the print with clean, dry hands as skin oils can stain the paper
4. Keep covered with protective sleeve until it is framed, to avoid damage
5. Don’t use your hands to wipe off any dust as this can also damage the surface of your giclée print. Instead, use a dry, clean, white lint-free cloth or a photographer’s lens-brush

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